Thursday, February 19, 2009

Three foods from scratch that always seem like magic

There are three things that I cook regularly at our house that some how have managed to consistantly seem like magic to me. I know it's just a bit of science and smidge of planning, but still I feel like amazed that it actually works every time:

1. bread
2. yogurt
3. dried beans

I am also find myself amazed at how much it costs to buy these things in the store and how lousy they taste compared to my homemade versions. So, if you are attempting to cook from scratch this is where I'd start. Every loaf you take out of the oven will leave you feeling better about the world, every batch of yogurt will make you feel brilliant and every batch of beans you cook up will feel like you won the lottery. Okay, maybe that's taking it too far. At the least though, it'll make you feel like you won a game of cards.

For the next three posts, I'll cover how to start making these three things from scratch.

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